Thanksgiving Travel Weather

26 11 2013

Tricky traveling this Thanksgiving with the storm that’s in the area.  Right now there is no problem as the air is warm enough all across the viewing area so rain is the only thing falling from the sky for the rest of today.  Traveling should be no issues on I-65, I-10, I-85, and all other highways and roadways.  Temperatures will drop all day after reaching the high early this morning.  By tonight, temperatures will continue to drop to the mid-30’s for the southern half of Central Alabama and lower 30’s for the northern half of Alabama.  This is where the fine line of some rain/snow mix can bee seen early Wed. morning in the Montgomery area and even our northern viewing counties of Coosa, Chilton, Tallapoosa, and Chambers which has a better chance of seeing a little bit more snow than areas along I-85.  Our Georgia viewers are not out of the rain/snow threat either as the Columbus area could see some of the mix as well.  Further south of Montgomery and I-85 will not see any frozen precipitation of any sorts and will continue to see rain, a cold rain at that.  Even with the rain/snow mix there should not be any issues as the ground will be too warm for any snow to accumulate even in Birmingham which has an even better chance of seeing snow than any of our viewing areas.

GFS Thanksgiving Snow 2013NAM Snow Thanksgiving 2013

Once when the remaining moisture comes through and drops the rain in southern Alabama and the rain/snow mix for Central Alabama things should clear out for the rest of Wed. and when that happens is when the real cold temperatures set into play.


Thursday morning will the be some of the coldest air have seen since the first few months of this year.  We will be seeing lows to in the low 20’s for most of Central Alabama with a few inner city locations of Montgomery and Columbus being a little closer to mid 20’s.  The cold air doesn’t stop there.  Even down to Mobile the lows will be down in the mid 20’s and even along the coast will be in the upper 20’s.  Needless to say, our entire viewing area will be below freezing Thursday morning.  This poses as another threat as a hard freeze will take place which means any plants will be bitten by the bitter cold air, even hardy plants are at risk.


With this coming along you should bring all plants and animals inside.  Also, to keep from your pipes freezing leave some water trickling from your faucets.  The last thing we all need is no water on Thanksgiving Day due to frozen pipes.


Ready for some good news?  After the extremely cold temperatures on Thursday morning the rest of Thanksgiving will be spectacular even though it will be cool.  From Thanksgiving Day to the weekend you couldn’t ask for a better weekend unless warmer temperatures would make it better which will come for the weekend.  No winter type weather or rain will be expected to be seen from Thursday on through Sunday and hardly any clouds will be seen until maybe Sunday.

We wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving!  Just to sum up everything from earlier, be cautious if you are traveling today as it will be raining a lot and it can reduce your visibility.  Also, hydroplaning will be a big risk with all of the sitting water.  Wednesday, cautious traveling if you are driving in the very early hours when the rain/snow mix is likely to fall.  The time frame for the rain/snow mix will be between 12 AM to 7 AM Wed. morning.  As mentioned before the ground and roads should be warm enough for no accumulation whatsoever and should just wind up being water on the roads instead of ice.  After Wed. morning traveling should be safe and sound for the entire Southeast region for the rest of the week.

-StormTEAM4 / Gamma 9 Weather Senior Meteorologist Michael Vasquez



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