Blizzard of 1993: 20 Year Anniversary

13 03 2013

It’s hard to believe that it has been 20 years ago since we had the infamous Blizzard of 93′  that received a number of names such as Storm of the Century and 93′ Superstorm.  It’s wrath lasted from March 12 to March 15 dropping snow in the Southeast, tornadoes in Florida, and feet of snow along the Atlantic Coastline.  Some basic, but interesting facts about the storm:

The highest amount of snow recorded during it’s like was 69 inches or 5 ft and 9 inches in Mt. La Conte, TN.  Its lowest pressure recorded was a 960 millibar low.
Coldest temperature reported was -12 degrees Fahrenheit.
It caused $6.65 million in damage according to 2008 U.S. currency.
There were 310 people who parished from this storm.

We are going to focus on the impacts in our viewing area.  To start it off, here is an image of the snowfall accumulation from the storm in it’s entirity.

It’s always amazing to see that as far as the coastline of Alabama, Florida Panhandle, and Mississippi saw 1-4 inches from this storm and much more further north.  But how much snow really fell?  We found some measurements for how much snow was on the ground specific locations which will vary from where all of you viewers lived, but this is what we were able to pull up:

Alexander City: 7 in.
Auburn Agronomy Farm: 5 in.
Opelika: 4 in.
Wetumpka: 6 in.
Montgomery Airport: 4 in.
Selma: 4.5 in.
near Union Springs: 4 in.
Troy: 4 in.
North Brewton: 3 in.
Chatom: 5 in.
Atmore: 2 in.
Hurtsboro: 3 in.
Mobile Regional: 3 in.
Bay Minette: 3 in.
Robertsdale: 2 in.
Columbus, GA: 1 in.

If you lived in Birmingham then you saw 17 in. of snow with snow drifts much higher than that.

The snow is always fun, but as mentioned before there were several fatalities.  Of those fatalities, 16 of them were in Alabama, 15 were in Georgia, and Florida had 44.

This was a powerful storm and so far we have not seen anything like it.  Could we see something similar in the future?   Very likely.  When?  We don’t know.  What we will always remember from that day is the setup that led to such an event and one picture will be always been meteorologists memories which will help us find it again when something similar happens again.  The famous picture is here:




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