Severe Weather Threat Tonight

25 02 2013

Looking at the latest data coming in, the atmosphere is starting to destabilize as the warm front moves on shore. The atmosphere is already unstable in LA & SW Mississippi and that will be moving into our area later on tonight.

SEVERE RISK: The main threats will be watching for are Damaging winds, Large Hail, & Heavy Rain / Flooding. The tornado risk is smaller than the others risk but is still valid.

SVR Threat

In fact, the SPC has placed areas south of US Hwy 84 including Mobile and the Florida panhandle under the greatest risk for tornadoes as we go into this evening and into overnight. The risk gets smaller to none as you move north of US 84 so Central Alabama won’t have to worry about any type severe weather aside from flooding.


TIMING: We will be looking for two rounds of weather moving through. We will first look for individual cells to form out in advance of the cold front later this evening. This is where the greatest risk of tornadoes would come from for our area tonight. The second round will move though tonight as the squall line associated with the cold front moves though.

Well be here all day and night keeping you updated on the latest watches and warnings. You can also get alerts sent to your phone through the MyWarn app and out Twitter feed by clicking here.

-Patrick Bigbie, StormTEAM 4 / Gamma 9 Weather Chief Meteorologist



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