2012 Precipitation

3 02 2013

Now that we have seen another year, have you ever wondered how much rain we got last year?  We did!  So we went through and gathered 96 points in our entire viewing area that reported precipitation most of the year and since we added some counties recently we haven’t even added them yet.  This is just a rough draft of what we had before adding the new counties.  Some areas are very sparse in data so we had to fill in what we thought matched the general pattern and it turned out great!  Here is the full year of 2012 precipitation for Southwest Alabama.


This map was handmade since no computer program we have could do it to this precision.   You can tell the two areas that got over 90 inches of rain that is in South Mobile County and East Greene County.  The driest for this area was in Escambia County, Alabama in the Pollard area.  You are probably wondering why George County in Mississippi has been left blank.  That’s because there wasn’t enough data for that county so we had to leave it alone to try to keep the map as realistic as possible.

Now here is the map for Central Alabama.


Big difference in this area with the cooler colors.  The place with the most rain was over towards Plantersville in West Autauga County that had over 60 inches of rain.  The driest place is in the Auburn area in Lee County with about 31 inches.  That is pretty dry for one year.  Grand Bay in Mobile County triples that amount.  Stewart and Chattahoochee Counties were left blank because of the same reason as George County in Mississippi, there wasn’t enough data to make the map realistic.

Speaking of places with the most and the least amount of rain, which month had the most precipitation and which one had the least?  If you guessed the driest was in the summer and the wettest was in the winter then think again.  The month with the most precipitation, on average, is March.


That month received a little over 6 inches when you average all the locations out.  The driest month is the same month kids love to go Trick-or-Treat, October.


The average precipitation for this month is around 3 inches.  Pretty dry esp. when some locations got less than an inch of rain that whole month!

March being the wettest month and October being the driest month is very typical and is seen every year.  With that, things can be planned ahead of time depending on what you are wanting to do.



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