Severe Weather UPDATE

29 01 2013

The air over Alabama has been warm and juicy all day long with temps in near 80 and dewpoints in the mid 60s. This is priming the atmosphere for tomorrow’s Severe Weather event. Since last night, we have had a few changes. The models are now slowing down the squall line and having more CAPE (energy) on hand. This is NOT what we wanted to see happen as this will further destabilize the atmosphere tomorrow.

Timing: With the squall line slowing down, we are now looking for the threat to being in Mobile & west Alabama around 4-6 am/CT and leave our eastern counties around Phenix City / Columbus around 4pm/ET (3pm/CT).


What to Expect:  Since the squall line is slowing down and more CAPE will be available, the damaging wind risk will remain High since we will have very strong winds only a few thousand feet above Alabama. The threat for storms developing in advance of the line has now come into play due to the increase in CAPE and warmer temperatures expected. In this type of environment, these are the storms you have to watch for Tornadoes. With that said, we are increasing the Risk of Tornadoes across the area to Moderate.

Severe Threat

East Alabama: We are going to have to watch what happens in East Alabama/West Georgia very closely. Any breaks in the clouds will further destabilize the atmosphere. Since the squall line is expected to move in later, the air in this part of the state will be richer. This could lead to not only having cells developing in advance of the line but, the squall line re-intensifying as it moves over the area. With all this said, we & the Storm Prediction Center have placed an “enhanced risk” over East AL/West GA

Right now is a great time to go over your safety plan and make sure you have a properly working NOAA Weather Radio with fresh battery. If you don’t have one, you can get one at your local Walgreen’s or Wal-Mart for only $30.00 You can also download our MyWarn app that can wake you up in the middle of the night right here.

Stay tuned to us throughout the evening and all day tomorrow for the latest. We’ll have the whole team here to keep you updated during the Severe Weather.

-Patrick Bigbie, StormTEAM 4 / Gamma 9 Weather Chief Meteorologist



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