Christmas Day Tornadoes

31 12 2012

Tornadoes are fairly common in the Southeast during the month of December due to surges of cold air moving into the region.  Unfortunately, one of the strongest tornadoes went through the heart of Mobile.


Here is the path courtesy of the National Weather Service in Mobile.  The area of Mobile that was hardest hit is indicated where the yellow is which is where EF-2 damage was found.  Within that damage area is where Murphy High School and the Trinity Episcopal Church are.

MurphyHS TEChurch

This was around 5:00 PM where the storm was at it strongest as indicated from the radar at the Mobile Regional Airport.


The classic hook echo is clearly defined and the area where the tornado is with the tightest circulation is circled.  At this time, the tornado had roughly 135 MPH winds which is a high end EF-2 tornado.  So far, the estimated dollar amount for Mobile is $140 to $150 million.  The tornado path was 5.7 miles long and the tornado had a width of about 200 yards.

This wasn’t the only tornado that went through Mobile County.


This tornado went South and East of Wilmer as an EF-1.  It traveled 6.8 miles and had a width of about 100 yards.  It was weaker than the Mobile tornado, but it caused a lot of damage to the Wilmer area by damaging homes and demolishing mobile homes like this one.


Nobody was killed in any of the tornadoes that dropped down on Christmas day.  Some minor injuries were reported in Mobile, but other than that it truly was a Christmas miracle that no lives were lost.



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